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My process....

To choose or decide what exactly they want to hang on their walls, comes easily to some, and some need a little direction. There could be many factors which lead to a choice- theme, layout or color scheme  of the room, a desirable subject, a fond memory, or plain simple instant liking for a ready painting.

I'm here to help you decide and make a piece you will cherish forever.....

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Paintings featured on the site

# Price on request.

# If the framed size is given, it means the painting is already framed.

# If only original size (unframed) is given, it means the painting is either unframed, or when it will be made on commission, it will be delivered unframed, and the price will not include a frame. Framing can be done on request. It will be charged according to the frame chosen.

Portraits on commission

# Pricing is subject to size, medium and complexity of the ordered painting. 

# I accept photographs for portraits. I usually ask for 3-4 digital photos of very good clarity for accurate results.

# Portraits can be done in charcoal, soft pastel, water color or oil.

# Time taken to complete the portrait will be subject to medium, as oils take much longer.


Landscape on commission

# Painting of your house, garden, farm house, memories from a scenic holiday, neighborhood park- almost any subject can be done.

# I make landscapes in Pen and Ink, oil, water color and mixed media.

# Good quality picture shot in adequate light will be required.

Abstract on commission

We will require an interactive discussion, which will help determine the style, medium, color palette and size of the painting.


My contact info

Name- Abha Neotia

Phone- +91 9831152456

Location- Kolkata, India


Instagram- abhaneotia_art


I ship worldwide

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